Load Testing &
Rental of Certified Equipment

We have a wide range of certified test equipment ie. Waterbags, Waterbag Pillows, Load Cells, Test Barge, Counter Weights, Hydraulic Test Kits, Cylinders, Test facility to conduct load test of the following:

  • Cranes from 1 Ton to 1500 Ton using Waterbags & Load Cells, Test Barge
  • Life Boat / Life Raft / Rescue Boat Davits using Waterbags & Load Cells
  • Life Boat / Life Raft / Rescue Boat using Waterbag Pillows
  • Accommodation / Gangway Ladder using Counter Weights
  • Pad Eyes / Bollards using Hydraulic Test Kit and/or Cylinders, Proof Load testing of all lifting points on the vessel.
  • Loose lifting gears inspection( Shackles, Webslings, Eyebolts,Chains, Hooks etc.)
  • Inspection & load testing of Manual lifting gears. ( Chain blocks, Lever hoists, Beam Clamps, Drum lifters, Jacks , Snatch blocks etc.)
  • Inspection & load testing of Lifting bars / Lifting Beams / Spreader beams.
  • Inspection & load testing of Electric Overhead cranes, Monorail beam with hoist, Gantry cranes and A-Frames.
  • Inspection & Load testing of skips ( Baskets, Tool boxes, Cylinder racks)
  • Inspection & Load testing of Davits (General purpose), Winches & Jib cranes on vessels.
  • PPE Items visual inspection ( Safety Harness, connectors & Lanyards).

Rental of Certified Equipment

All rental items are rented with up to date service certificates on weekly Louis Safety, Abu Dhabi rents crane load testing water bags in capacities ranging from Five (5) metric tons up to Fifty (50) metric tons. In certain applications, these water bags can be clustered together and stacked, with standard rigging hardware, to achieve test loads of up to 500 metric tons, without the need of spreader beams.

With our extensive inventory of rental water bags and rigging hardware, you can rent all of the equipment necessary to perform your load test from one supplier. We can ship this equipment anywhere in the world packed in special shipping containers that we supply. Our rental fleet of crane testing water bags includes the following sizes: 5 ton, 12 ton, 25 ton and 55 ton. All of our water bags are rated in metric tons.

Our water bags have undergone extensive design verification and inspection prior to being released for field use. The minimum design safety factor for our water bags is 6:1 and each water bag is proof load tested to its rated working load capacity following assembly. All of our water bags are manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008.

Our crane load testing water bags can be used to test the following types of cranes, hoists, and structures:

  • Derrick barge cranes
  • Factory material handling cranes
  • Gantry cranes
  • Knuckle boom cranes
  • Offshore platform cranes
  • Maritime lifeboat davit hoists
  • Cargo vessel cranes
  • Shipyard cranes
  • Cargo handling dockside cranes
  • Fast rescue craft launch davits
  • Survey vessel winches
  • Mobile boat hoists
  • Mining cranes and hoists

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