Louis Safety is one of the leading service providers in Abu Dhabi, UAE for Life raft inspections / services. We are well equipped and approved to perform annual and five yearly inspections,GI Tests, NAP Test and Floor Seam Test etc.

We are well trained by many manufactures to carry out the liferaft servicing, we provide the below services liferaft.

A life raft is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment on board a vessel. It has been designed, tested, and approved to save your life in the event one must abandon ship. The only way to ensure that your life raft is in exceptional condition and ready for deployment is to inspect it annually.

  • Life raft inflation and pressure test.
  • Servicing and repairing of life rafts as per flag and solas requirements.
  • Life rafts repairing and container painting.
  • Life raft suspension and floor seam test.
  • MES inspection and service.

We also provide stand-by life rafts on case to case basis for our clients until we service their existing liferafts.

Louis Safety is authorised service station in UAE for the following liferafts.
1. CSM
2. Youlong
3. CRV
4. Haining
5. SCH
6. HAF

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