Five Yearly Inspection of Lifeboat and Davit

Our service Engineers are well Experienced and trained by OEM to perform the required FIVE YEARLY Surveys As per the requirements . The Inspections will be Detailed and thorough with time constraints in picture. Five Yearly inspections are carried out under the approvals by Flags, ROs, and Manufacturers.

We use extended and detailed checklists, as well as our certified test equipment for release gears, lifeboats, and launching appliances to guarantee the highest standards of safety for passengers and crew

The 5-yearly inspection is a comprehensive service assessment of the lifeboat and davit systems and can be carried out at a shipyard or offshore location at your convenience. Our service team will visit your vessel to conduct a regulatory inspection, and using OEM approved checklists and procedures, we will assess the actual condition of the equipment and items to be serviced.

Key lifeboat checks include

  • Overhaul of the release system
  • Inspect the air supply system
  • Verify air bottles certificate or re-certification
  • Function test Off-load release system
  • Lifeboat On-load release test with 1.1 x SWL

Key davit checks include

  • Inspect davit structure, check for corrosion, oil leaks and general deterioration.
  • Inspect wires and sheaves for possible damages such as kinks and corrosion.
  • Inspect lubrication of wires, sheaves, and moving parts.
  • Open and inspect the winch, foundation, hydraulic brake mechanism, and gearbox.
  • Inspect stored power systems, where fitted.
  • Dynamic load test winch with 1.1 x SWL.
  • Provide you with recommendations to ensure the equipment is operationally safe and ready to use.

  • Release gear system service
  • Engine overhaul, servicing or renewal
  • Sprinkler system servicing
  • Compressed air systems- servicing including hydrostatic testing and refilling of air bottles
  • And all the other services related to lifeboats and its launching appliances.

Our Designated teams are available 24×7 to attend , ONSHORE & OFFSHORE conditions.

  • Annual inspection of lifeboat and its launching appliances.
  • Rigid and inflatable rescue boat load and pressure test.
  • 5 yearly load testing of load testing and its launching appliances.
  • Lifeboat FRP repair and commissioning.
  • Life boat engine overhaul and installation.
  • Single arm davit winch inspection.
  • Dynamic winch break test.
  • Release hook inspection.
  • Rescue boat launch test.
  • Spares supply for lifeboat and davits.

We perform our load tests using modern water bags to load the lifeboat, as well as other specific water bags to do the load tests directly from the davits.

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