Automation Supply Items

  • Marine Fire Alarm Systems
  • Personal, Portable and Fixed Gas Detection Instruments
  • ND Systems, Electrical
  • Instrumentation Spares
  • Control Valve and Solenoids
  • Personal Alcohol monitors
  • Level Switches and Transmitters
  • Pressure and Temperature Gauges
  • PA System and Marine Telephones
  • Generator Controls and Equipments
  • 15 PPM and Oily Water Separators
  • Navigation and Solar Powered Lights
  • Air Horns and Ship Horns, Safety Alarm Panels and Annunciators
  • Generator Load Sharing and Synchronization modules
  • Standard Calibration Gas and Accessories
  • Marine Instrumentation and Oil Field Cables
  • Beacon and Sounders
  • Marine Steering System and Rudder Angle Indicators

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