Heading Repeater with 118mm compass dial display, with touch controls. Enclosed in a compact, powder coated aluminium casing.


The MD77HR is a NMEA-based Compact Heading Repeater. Digital heading data (ship’s heading) may be conveniently displayed and monitored at any location on a vessel.

When multiple heading sources are available in the heading data (e.g. True and Magnetic) the MD77HR allows the user to select the heading source and indicates which heading source is in current use.

Compact and rugged, the MD77HR offers a heading repeater solution for locations where the available space is limited and may be either bulkhead or panel mounted. Finished in Jet Black (RAL9005) Fine-texture Powder Coat to complement other marine navigation equipment.

The MD77HR from Marine Data: flexible in application, easy to install and simple to maintain.


  • Traditional Marine Compass Card Display
  • Main and Emergency power supplies; with monitoring of both
  • Automatic Baud Rate Detection
  • Automatic indication of loss of valid heading data
  • Automatic detection of a previously lost heading data type without requiring a reset
  • Prioritisation of heading type
  • Local and Remote Dimming Control
  • Rugged, Marinised Aluminium Construction


  • The MD77HR displays True or Magnetic Heading Data transmitted from marine equipment compatible with NMEA 0183 (IEC 61162-1) (Gyro compass, TMC, EMC, GPS Compass etc.)
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