The MD71MFD is a neat solution designed to display a wide variety of ship related maritime information and is supplied factory configured to your requirements.


Firmware variants are available to cater for specific information groups, with each variant capable of displaying information from many related sources. Each firmware variant is configurable to customise the display options available to the user.

The MD71MFD is a compact multi-function Digital Display with a 2.7” OLED Graphic Display and NMEA 0183 (IEC61162-1) input. It
is designed to accept data from a variety of sources and display navigational and related ship information in numeric and graphical format.

The MD71MFD has a 2.7” yellow OLED screen which can display alpha- numeric data in 6 font sizes with digits from 3.5 to 20 mm high and display graphic detail.

The MD71MFD from Marine Data: flexible in application, easy to install and simple to maintain.


  • Displays a wide range of ship-related data, including Heading, Pitch & Roll and many others
  • Factory configured to your exact requirements
  • Firmware customisable and upgradeable
  • Rugged and compact design
  • Bright, high-contrast OLED display – easy to observe
  • Accepts NMEA 0183 data sentences and others


  • Displays a wide variety of ship related information, can include: Heading (True or Magnetic), Rate of Turn, Pitch, Roll, Rudder Angle, Propeller rpm, Water Speed, Water Depth, Speed over Ground (SOG), Course over Ground (COG), Position (Lat / Long), Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Air Temperature, Water Temperature, Barometric Pressure – and others. Contact us for details.