Compass Bearing Repeater in Trunnion bracket, with precision dual scale 36:1 compass card for taking celestial and terrestrial bearings.


The MD69BR is a dual scale NMEA-based heading repeater designed for taking celestial and terrestrial bearings. Equipped with a 36:1 precision dual scale compass card display, digital heading data may be conveniently displayed at any suitable location on a vessel.

With a range of mounting options and accessories, the MD69BR may be bulkhead, surface or stand mounted. Fully sealed to IEC 60945 Exposed Area Classification and includes weatherproof terminal box.

The MD69BR Bearing Repeater from Marine Data: flexible in application, easy to install and simple to maintain.


  • Weatherproof Marinised Bearing Repeater
  • Dual scale 36:1 precision concentric dial display
  • Automatic selection and prioritisation of NMEA heading data type
  • Automatic indication of loss of valid heading data
  • Automatic detection of a previously lost heading data type without requiring a reset
  • True / Magnetic Source Indication
  • Local and Remote dimming control
  • Fully sealed to IEC 60945 Exposed Area Classification


  • Repeats the heading display of a ship’s magnetic or gyro compass at a convenient location on a vessel
  • Allows celestial and terrestrial bearings to be taken when used in conjunction with the MD69AZI Azimuth Sight or the MD69BC Bearing Circle. The MD60A2K Telescopic Alidade is recommended for making detailed azimuth measurements.