The MD53A is an Electromagnetic Fluxgate Compass that directly senses the Earth’s magnetic field, and works as an alternative or backup to a Gyro system.


The MD53A/B is an Earth’s Field Electro-Magnetic Compass which directly senses the Earth’s magnetic field. It has no moving parts and does not require a host magnetic compass. In this way, the MD53A/B forms the sensing element of a solid-state Electro Magnetic Compass (EMC) system – an alternative or a backup to a Gyro system.

The weatherproof MD53A/B provides digital NMEA 0183 heading data (HDT, HDG, HDM) when used with the MD97CSP Compass Sensor Processor. Vessel heading may be transmitted to any location on the vessel and displayed with a Marine Data compass repeater. Magnetic corrections and heading fluctuation damping are applied with the MD71THD Variation and Deviation Corrector.

Constructed from robust aluminium alloy and finished in Window Grey (RAL7040) Semi-gloss Powder Coat, to complement existing marine navigation equipment.

The MD53A/B Electro-Magnetic Compass from Marine Data: Flexible in application, easy to install and simple to maintain.


  • The independent compass component in a Marine Data Electro-Magnetic Compass System (EMC)
  • Directly senses the Earth’s Magnetic Field
  • Generates Digital NMEA 0183 Heading Data
  • Does not require a ship’s host magnetic compass
  • An alternative or a backup to a gyro
  • Weatherproof marinised housing


  • Provides the source of NMEA 0183 Digital Heading Data as part of a Marine Data Transmitting Heading Device (THD) System
  • An alternative or backup to a gyro compass as source of Heading

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