Highly sensitive Magnetic Fluxgate Sensor at the heart of a Marine Data Transmitting Magnetic Compass System (TMC).


The MD52A/B Magnetic Compass Fluxgate Sensor is the sensing element at the heart of a Marine Data Transmitting Magnetic Compass System (TMC).

By mounting the MD52A/B concentrically on a gimballed host magnetic compass, the MD52A/B’s highly sensitive magnetic fluxgate coil (Also known as a type of fluxgate magnetometer) can sense and follow the movement of the ship’s magnetic compass card. The unit must be connected with the MD97CSP Compass Sensor Interface, which drives the coil and provides NMEA 0183 Heading Data to be forwarded to the ship’s Compass Heading Repeaters.

Used in a simple TMC system, it can be used to drive a precision Steering Repeater at the ship’s steering position, therefore providing a convenient and accurate display of the ship’s magnetic compass.

Mounting can be achieved without requiring any modifications, and will fit inside most standard magnetic compass binnacles using either the MD54 (Adhesive Mounting Spacer) or MD58 (Bracket Mount).

The MD52A/B is fitted with a Buccaneer type connector and includes a 2.5m 5-way screened captive cable.


  • A Magnetic Fluxgate Coil (Compass Pickoff Coil)
  • Transmitting Heading Device (THD)
  • Provides Digital NMEA 0183 Heading Data as part of the complete MD71THD System
  • The magnetic sensing component in a Marine Data Transmitting Magnetic Compass System (TMC)
  • Senses the movement of a ship’s Magnetic Compass Card
  • Rugged Weatherproof Acetal Case


  • Senses and follows the angular position of a host ship’s magnetic compass card and provides a source of NMEA 0183 Digital Heading Data
  • Necessary part of the complete Marine Data Transmitting Heading Device (THD) System; an alternative, or backup system to a gyrocompass as a source of Heading
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