Fixed CO2 System

Annual, Five Yearly and Ten Yearly Inspections, Internal Valve Inspections, Hydro Testing, Dischage Hose and Loop Line Renewal.

Fixed Dry Chemical Powder Systems

Annual & Two Yearly Inspections, Blow Tests, Testing of Control and Section Valves.

Fixed Foam Systems

Annual Inspectitons, Flow testing of pumps, All cross connections and relief/control valves checking, Foam Sample Analysis.

Wet Chemical System

Examine all heat detectors, the expellant gas container(s), the agent container(s), releasing devices, piping, hose assemblies, nozzles, signals all auxiliary equipment and the liquid level of all nonpressurized wet chemical containers.

Fixed FM 200 System

Visual inspection of the components, All cylinder valves, frames and connections checked for tightness, Release mechanism tested by electrically, manually or pnuematicaly

Water Mist System

Functionally test all fixed system audible and visual alarms, Flow test of all pumps for proper pressure and capacity.

Immersion Suits

Annual Inspection of the Immersion Suit, 3-Year Pressure Leak Test, Emergency Light and Whistle replacement.


Annual Inspections, Hydro Testing and Refilling.

Portable and Non-portable Fire Extinguisher

Annual Inspections, Hydro Testing and Refilling.

Sprinkler Systems

Check for proper operation of all sprinkler systems using the test valves for each section, Functionally test all fixed system audible and visual alarms.

Firefighters Outfits

Check lockers providing storage for fire-fighting equipment contain their full inventory and equipment is in serviceable condition.

Lifeboat Air Cylinders

5 yearly intervals Life Boat Air cylinders subjected to hydro static pressure test, Internal inspection of cylinder and refill.


Annual Inspections, Hydro Testing and Refilling.

Life Jackets

Orally inflate Life Jacket by blowing in the oral inflation tube for leakage, Check for CO2 cartridge cylinder

Deluge Systems

Check for all control/section valves are in the correct position, Blow dry compressed air or nitrogen through the discharge piping of dry pipe systems.

Air Quality Analysis

Laboratory test will contain a breakdown of the level of the following: Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Oil Vapors (Hydrocarbons), Water Vapors